User accounts upgrade and awards

We've just updated user accounts and profiles, adding a lot of new features.


First of all, we are introducing new user levels system, based on the experience scores calculated from user actions. It now counts 8 levels and is visible on your profile pages. The higher your user level is, the less your activities on the map are limited in time and quantity.

Next are the awards.


There are sets of awards now for your work of adding and editing objects, drawing linear features and uploading photos. Each award comes in three grades, according to the score the user had achieved in a specific action. The full list of awards with details you can find on one of our here. These awards are given automatically by the system. The special roles given by administration, such as Advanced User, are now also visible on the owner's profile. From now on the history of receiving and withdrawing of this roles will be available on the its details pages.

To present these new features we gave user profile pages a new look, where all user details are now logically and more conveniently sectioned in tabs. You can also mention in the user statistics tab, that the lengths of linear features added by user are now divided into the existing features types.