Recounting linear objects statistics

After release of new profile and awards system we received reports about wrongly counted statistics of linear objects creation.
The problem is that linear statistics had been counted together before we separated it yesterday. At last we decided to re-count it over again from linear objects database. It means that we took all linear segments, which are actual at this moment, counted their quantity and length, and wrote into users statistics. If you had created a segment somewhere in the past, it always was shown in your stats, even if somebody deleted the segment. But it is not saved in linear database after it was removed, so we couldn't count it now!
So, now you may note that your linear stats became lower. It's not a mistake in fact. You may be sure: all your segments, which are on the map at this time - are counted and saved into your statistics. If your counters became lower, the only reason of this fact is that somebody has removed some of your segments.

There could be some difference in awards on user's profile page and user's awards page - it'll be fixed after your first revision (any one), or by our script in next 2-3 hours.