Places without descriptions

You know, Wikimapia team has a friend, his name is Max and he’s a very accurate person. He loves order and completeness in almost everything he does. His books stand on shelves in alphabetic order while plates on kitchen are always washed. Despite your thoughts, people like him exist. Each object which Max adds on Wikimapia is a wiki-art itself: the description is very full and scrupulous, links, categories, and photographs are added.

But Max is not very fond of drawing. He is a writer, and he do not like to draw outlines at all! Well, when a building has simple form and it is single one - no problem, really! But when he wants to add a complex object to the map - this outline drawing is a nightmare for him. Max would love to describe and add information about something beautiful and, well, multangular if he were not got so tired with drawing. So Max adds simple objects to Wikimapia and edit information of existing ones.

And not so long ago we’ve met Tony. He’s a designer. He tries to draw with everything, what can leave a mark on the surface! He’s mad about drawing! And when he have seen Wikimapia he began to draw and draw and draw beautiful outlines, because that’s fun for him!

But (yes, this «but» is everywere) to save an outline Tony has to add description to the object. But sometimes he doesn’t even know what he’s just outlined! That was a problem for him. No address, no description, just good accurate contour. And by the way, when people see Tommy's outlines, they add information to them with pleasure.

Wikimapia team knows a lot of people like Max and Tony. Somebody is fond of describing, somebody likes drawing. We thought a lot, how can we help these people...And so, we decided to allow people to outline as many objects as they want and save these objects WITHOUT a description. Just in case that somebody’s having fun, when just drawing. And it’s very possible that somebody as accurate and scruplulous as Max will add addresses and perfect descriptions to these objects... Isn’t it nice?

Your Wikimapia Team.

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