Wikimapia BETA for Advanced Users

We are presenting Wikimapia BETA (this time only for UL2 users, you must be logged in). With this update we almost close to our goal - fully editable interactive map. Main things in this BETA:

1. Two main interactive layers - Wikimapia map and Wikimapia satellite (outlines on satellite map).
2. Adding information to the map:
-places (with real bounaries)
-roads, railroads, ferry ways
-terrain patches (water, land, ets) to correct map
3. Places now can be added without information: some users may not know the information about places but easily could prepare map for others who know the information.
4. Improved category (changes in category filter and category input in place informaion)
5. Starting from now we will use Wikimapia Wiki Documentation at (wikimapia.org/wiki/) which we age going go fill soon (with your help).

Not everything is finished, we are still working on usability, design and icons. Localization and languages menu will be updated also. Old places without outlines also will be presented, we are working on it.

Example Links:
Map view - http://wikimapia.org/beta/#lat=47.0214613&lon=28.8525009&z=13&l=0&m=w&v=1

Satellite view - http://wikimapia.org/beta/#lat=52.3522693&lon=4.9032068&z=17&l=0&m=b&v=1

Map view - http://wikimapia.org/beta/#lat=56.9538798&lon=24.119947&z=16&l=0&m=w&v=1

p.s. Bug reports and comments are welcome