December releases

Hello Wikimapians!
Today we would like to sum up all we released in December:
First of all, it's a new photo uploader and new system of storing photos, which allows multiply photo uploading and shows full-size photos (feature #660 http://wikimapia.org/user/tools/user_re ... e=1&id=660)
The first steps in releasing historical layer are made. All deleted objects with this category are restored and are shown in category filter. (feature #314 http://wikimapia.org/user/tools/user_re ... e=1&id=314)
Ferry award was removed to save ranking system from cheating with ferry routes (feature #608 http://wikimapia.org/user/tools/user_re ... e=1&id=608)
Wikimapia searchbar was improved and can now search streets (feature #518 http://wikimapia.org/user/tools/user_re ... e=0&id=518)
Searchbar for list of banned users was released to improve navigation and show history of user's limitations. (feature #575 http://wikimapia.org/user/tools/user_re ... e=1&id=575)
Child places could be found from categories search now. (feature #232 http://wikimapia.org/user/tools/user_re ... e=1&id=232 )
Icons of child objects now are shown on the map in the parent's object outline (feature #513 http://wikimapia.org/user/tools/user_re ... e=1&id=513)
Watchlist tool was upgraded and now could be viewed by categories (the button is located on category page) and by cities (you can find the link on cityguides "about" page)