Unapproved revisions in Status Grid

Hello Wikimapians!

Today we have completed an upgrade of the Status Grid which connects it with the watchlist feature - now the number of unapproved history revisions are shown in the Grid. This feature will help you find unapproved edits and save your time by not having to check approved ones.

You may look at the example of the Status Grid here

All places will now be assigned a new special category “place with unapproved revisions” after each edition. You may filter such places using Status Grid link “unapproved revisions” (or from the category menu). Use the watchlist sidebar which contains all unapproved revisions in selected Grid Cell for faster and easier checking.

The new feature has no effect on the Status Grid cell color or factor, it only helps you to find and count objects that were edited recently. All old history revisions have been automatically approved to save the category layer from lots of unapproved old (and good) objects. As usual, if you are the first to approve the revision, you will get 10 experience points for this action.