Linear features upgrade, first step

Hello Wikimapians!

Today we are upgrading our systems to make all linear features better. It is the first step which only affects roads and railroads. A large part of the upgrade will not be noticeable right now, but it shall give us an opportunity to introduce new types of roads and railroads in future steps. For now, here are a few changes in the interface of linear objects:

- dirt roads have its own special color and are now visible on higher zooms, as low-traffic roads
- courtyard roads are now thinner and visible only on close zooms
- all roads and railroads are now thinner in the map view
- railroad tunnels have been introduced

Unfortunately, linear objects editing will be unavailable during the update process and roads and railroads may be shown with incorrect width or color for several hours. Please note that once linear objects editing has been re-implemented, linear object history may still take time to update so revisions may be shown incorrectly during this period.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.