New changes in Satellite images updates tool (MapShift)

A month ago the "Satellite images updates list" tool has been launched. Since that moment we’ve been watching its functioning and analysing what more should be done. Today we made a revision of the tool to improve its work and would gladly see your comments.

What’s new:
- A user can draw one vector for each overlay zone only.
- At least 4 users needed for a map shift to be done (or its cancellation).
- To prevent a mistaken shift, the system will decline those vectors that differ significantly from others (e.g. if it has the opposite direction).
- If a user has drawn a vector or marked that this part of the map does not need any shifting his username will appear in a special list at the right top corner of the page. This can help figuring out why a map shift was accepted or declined.
- If you add a shift vector of your own, you’ll be able to see what directions other users marked.
- The system will also report how many vectors are still needed to confirm (or decline) the shift. The more users mark correct vectors the less users will be needed for confirmation and vice versa.
- For drawing every shift vector (or choosing “yes, its fine”) a user gets 200 points.