Happy Birthday Wikimapia!

Wikimapia was launched in 24th May in 2006. For all these years the project has grown and developed a lot as amount of its users as well. Today Wikimapia is 6 years old! For this occasion we’ve been working so much lately and prepared for you a real birthday surprise. Wikimapia Team is so happy to present you some innovations.


First of all, we changed Wikimapia licence type. We encourage and support any digital creativity and sharing. Therefore to make Wikimapia content more accessible for distribution we decided to change Wikimapia license type to the most popular among Wikis “Creative Commons license Attribution-ShareAlike” (CC BY-SA). This means that from now on Wikimapia offers all of its data for sharing, recasting, transforming or adapting in any form recognizably derived from the original for any use. We think that all content should be free for using and beget new free content. So we encourage you to build your work upon Wikimapia data and require its further distribution under the same or similar license to this one, as it’s written in Wikimapia Terms of Service (http://wikimapia.org/terms_reference.html).


And the last but not least is the New Wikimapia - the new engine, as you may already heard. It is working as beta-version in parallel mode, so we invite you to contribute to its testing and discussing.

Wikimapia is looking forward to become faster, more open-content and collaborative!