We started to invite new Categories Moderators

We are glad to inform you, that Categories documentation is completed (you may read it here http://wikimapia.org/docs/User_interface#Categories and here http://wikimapia.org/docs/Community#Cat ... moderators).

Today, after Advanced Users and current Categories Moderators have considered and discussed all the candidates, we are starting to invite foremost approved Categories Moderators one by one from the list of those users who had already applied for the status in comments of previous topic (viewtopic.php?f=74&t=9607). If you haven’t applied for Categories Moderator status earlier but think you could contribute to Wikimapia having the status, you can still leave a request here in comments.

Please, stay patient, as inviting every user to Categories Moderator group might take some time.
Thanks everyone for being enthusiastic, we hope that new Categories Moderators will facilitate the proper work of category filter.