Wikimapia August news

Summer is coming to the end, while the active life and improvement of Wikimapia continues as usual! Here are the latest news on Wikimapia for August.

Every day we pick out most amazing places from Wikimapia map and share them with our friends in Facebook and Twitter. We post the latest news here as well. Subscribe on Wikimapia pages and take part in discussions.

Translation of the official Wikimapia Documentation has started in July. We are glad to inform you that the first steps were made. Some parts of Docs in Russian and Portuguese have already appeared. But still there is a lot of work to do and we seek people, who'd like to help our Documentors. See how you can participate in the process at Wikimapia Docs translation forum thread.

New articles, dedicated to most amusing places on our map, appeared in Wikimapia blog. This month we were exploring volcanoes in North America, places of nuclear weapon tests, where to find the best cheese in the world and most magnificent tombs of all the times. We post all the latest news in Blog as well.

Wikimapia forum is the main ground for discussions of our community. One of the latest threads is dedicated to Wikimapia User level system improvement. If you have any ideas or suggestions on the topic, please share it on the forum.

We made About Wikimapia page. Here you can see general info about our project, philosophy and team.

Wikimapia Community expanding every day! Here is some stats for the last month:

- 297674 new places were added on Wikimapia
- 26 292 new users joined Wikimapia community