200 anniversary of The Battle of Borodino

Today on 7th September is the 200 anniversary of The Battle of Borodino, the largest and bloodiest single-day battle of the Napoleonic Wars, that happened in 1812. The battle involved more than 250,000 soldiers and resulting in at least 70,000 casualties.
We on Wikimapia have the “French invasion of Russia in 1812” category, which helps to recall the main events of the Patriotic War of 1812, that changed the world geography and history and had a huge impact on arts.

Battle of Borodino, painting by Louis-François, Baron Lejeune, 1822

Battle of Borodino reconstructions take place every year. Thousands of people gather here in the beginning of September, dressed like Russian and French soldiers of that time, to recreate this huge event in details. It is indeed a breathtaking thing to see.

The Triumphal Arch in Moscow, 1909. Photo by Murray Howe

Triumphal Arch in Moscow commemorates Russian victory in the 1812 (Napoleonic) Patriotic war. It was originally erected near the current Belorussuan railway station - at the end of Tverskaya street, but demolished in 1936 during reconstruction of the square; later (1966—1968) it was demolished but reconstructed here (so this is actually a copy). Architect Joseph Bove (he is also famous as the architect of the Bolshoy theatre), sculptors Ivan Vitali and Ivan Timofeyev.