Collaboration improvement

Wikimapia encourages people to act collaboratively. We believe that you, as individuals, are great in mapping and you can be even greater when tagging or editing in groups. That’s why there is a feature of creating collaborations on WM. We are happy that a lot of users find it useful though we’ve been thinking that the tool needs some improvement.

What’s new:

1. Сreate a collaboration without WM administration approval. We decided to free you from this necessity and save your time. Though we still hope that AUs will watch the collaboration tool from time to time and moderate spam or rubbish groups.
2. You do not need an approval from the collaboration creator to take part in it.
3. Invite users to your collaboration! To prevent spam invitations there is a limit on amount of invitations available. To start with you can invite 20 users. When your collaboration reaches more than 20 participants, wich automatically means that it is usefull and of inteterest, invite more 980 users.
4. Add a country category to your new collaboration, so that other users can sort it out easily.
5. There is no limit on the number of participants anymore.

Don’t you think that it looks nicer?


PS Note that the Docs Collaborations page has been improved as well.