Streets deletion released

Todays new improvement is meant to clean out a lot of unnecessary data from the map and duplicates from cityguide. Now you can delete streets as well as other objects! Any other named linear object, river for example, works in the same way also.

What streets should be deleted?
Streets without segments and related objects will be automatically marked for deletion.

How can I cancel the deletion of the street?
In case you relate an object to the street or connect the street to any linear segment on the map, the deletion process will be canceled and the street will stay on map.

How the deletion process of the street is happening?
A street, marked for deletion, will be deleted for good in two weeks. Before disappearing the street will still be available on the map, which means the name of the street would appear in nearby streets list of linear segment edition window and in edition of address field of nearby places. So you can connect an object or segment with the street in two weeks before its total deletion, if needed.