[IMPORTANT] Wikimapia version change

Wikimapia is switching to the new interface version

Hello Wikimapians!

As you know, there's a new version of Wikimapia(new.wikimapia.org) was being developed for quite a long time. You may have read of it's purposes, features and benefits here and here. Now we decided to make a switch and upgrade the main Wikimapia to this version in order to go on with the new features. But don't worry, the old one will remain available at http://old.wikimapia.org for long enough for us to solve the unavoidable problems and conflicts and help you to migrate seamlessly. The switch is going to happen today/tomorrow.

Q: There's a bug, something's not working at all!
A: Unfortunately, there are and will be bugs. Report the bug, we'll fix it ASAP.

Q: How do I reach the old version?
A: http://old.wikimapia.org, if you want to switch between the versions, there's a link in your top menu under 'Extras' that's get you to the same address at the old version.

Q: Where's 'Wikimapia Classic' layer?
A: It's there! Top menu > Login item(The one with your name) > Extras > Wikimapia Classic. It's there along with the link to the old Wikimapia, and some additional layers. Soon the Panoramio layer will appear in this menu as well. Stay tuned.

Q: UserScript's not working!
A: Unfortunately, the UserScript is not compatible with the new version, but you may use it with the old one(http://old.wikimapia.org). There may be a change in settings or re-installation needed, use it as a chance if your UserScript is out of date.
Meanwhile, it doesn't mean it's not going to work with the new Wikimapia ever, but the opposite: it's the new version that'll allow us to implement more advanced tools for you, some of them are certainly going to be inspired by the UserScript. We are also here to help the developers at any time to build the add-on scripts for Wikimapia. The documentation on site's API is going to be published to make it easier.

Q: I have some ideas how to improve Wikimapia
A: We'll be happy to hear them, post a feature request here.

Wikimapia Team