Wikimapia iOS app update.

After the years of oblivion the code of this app was found on an old floppy disk in a dusty garage and is being updated with the help of Wikimapians, special thanks to a code master Andrey Borodin, he took the disk, wiped out all the dust and helped with the code renewal and update. I present view only version, codename 'Zombie release'. Map edit and user functions are blocked at this moment and will be available in later releases as it will take more time to fix everything. The reason of this update is that iOS itself is getting updated and starting to block some app functionality, same problems in Android OS.

I have plans that all code of Wikimapia will be open source, some fellow Wikimapians already got access to iOS and Android apps code through Github. The Wikimapia code will be published as open source, part by part, as it has to pass security reviews so untrustworthy people won't bother us using security bugs in the code.

If you are willing to participate in code update or help to guide Wikimapia to the future you may use these links:

Main Wikimapia Coordiantion Channel https://t.me/wikimapia_org
A place where to store and organize ideas about evolution and development of Wikimapia https://github.com/korint/wikimapia.evolution
Wikimapia iOS app https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wikimapia ... d826543747
Email is contact@wikimapia.org

As this is new activity for me, please be patient, I don't have things well organized for now and we are not in rush.