New photo galleries

Hello, Wikimapians!
We are continually working on our photos system and today we present the improved photo galleries on both overlaid and full screen object pages, and cityguide. In addition, a new feature has been released - comments to photos which could be used to describe or discuss each photo. They are organized in the same way as comments for places.


Wikimapia Documentation and FAQ.

We will be opening a new Wiki section for creating Wikimapia Documentation and FAQ. In the beginning it will only be in English, but later it will be possible to translate into other languages.

Our aim is to make this new Wiki section brief and simple. Access will be limited to editors - Documentors only. You may request for “Documentor status” here if you think you can help us with:

-organizing this new Wiki section
-communicating with other users in order to improve the documentation
-consolidating useful information from the old Wiki guides into new Wiki

For a start we will select a number of documentors from the ones who volunteer. More documentors will be added later.


Changes in collaboration tool

The collaboration tool has been updated. Now any user with level 2 or higher can create a collaboration. Any collaboration created by a user requires confirmation by the Wikimapia Team. There will be a corresponding topic created in the forum in the special section called "Collaborations". Each topic will be used to discuss matters relating to that specific collaboration.


December releases

Hello Wikimapians!
Today we would like to sum up all we released in December:
First of all, it's a new photo uploader and new system of storing photos, which allows multiply photo uploading and shows full-size photos (feature #660 http://wikimapia.org/user/tools/user_re ... e=1&id=660)
The first steps in releasing historical layer are made. All deleted objects with this category are restored and are shown in category filter. (feature #314 http://wikimapia.org/user/tools/user_re ... e=1&id=314)
Ferry award was removed to save ranking system from cheating with ferry routes (feature #608 http://wikimapia.org/user/tools/user_re ... e=1&id=608)
Wikimapia searchbar was improved and can now search streets (feature #518 http://wikimapia.org/user/tools/user_re ... e=0&id=518)
Searchbar for list of banned users was released to improve navigation and show history of user's limitations. (feature #575 http://wikimapia.org/user/tools/user_re ... e=1&id=575)
Child places could be found from categories search now. (feature #232 http://wikimapia.org/user/tools/user_re ... e=1&id=232 )
Icons of child objects now are shown on the map in the parent's object outline (feature #513 http://wikimapia.org/user/tools/user_re ... e=1&id=513)
Watchlist tool was upgraded and now could be viewed by categories (the button is located on category page) and by cities (you can find the link on cityguides "about" page)


Happy New Year 2012!

Dear friends!

New Year is coming; no doubt it will bring us many new opportunities and new discoveries. Let’s take a look and reflect what major improvements in Wikimapia had brought us last year:

  • Users levels and experience points.
  • Improved user profile page with different tabs including stats and awards.
  • Statusgrid which rates parts of the map depending on quality.
  • Cityguide which created a page for each city combining all information it has got.
  • Places history was greatly improved, added more features such as history for linear objects.
  • Watchlist improvements
  • New photo uploader
  • Many new features in tools page

Let’s see what this New Year will bring us.

We wish you a Happy New Year, hope it is filled with love, luck and inspiration for you all in the coming year!
Wikimapia Team


First approach to the "Historical Layer"

We have completed an essential upgrade to our system and we are making first steps towards the Historical layer:

* We are creating a special category “Historical layer / disappeared places”, places with this category will only be visible from this category filter.
* All deleted places with category "historical layer" and "disappeared object" will be restored
* Categories "historical layer" and "disappeared object" will be merged into one category named “Historical layer / disappeared places”

As a result, all previously created disappeared historical places will be visible to all visitors and users through category filter without cluttering original Wikimapia map view, and it will be possible to add new places to “Historical layer” by using this category.

We are in a process of making these steps and will inform here when these steps are done.


Category watchlists

We are releasing category watchlists for people who have an interest in specific categories. These watchlists contain edits of places that were made while such places has the specified category.
For example, gourmets can view all changes for restaurants, shopaholics can watch for new shops etc. Category watchlists may be filtered by country as well.

The category watchlist feature is accessible from the category overview page: