New Wikimapia API

Hello Wikimapians!

Today we're excited to release a huge upgrade of Wikimapia API!
We prepared a new documentation and examples page to make the using of our API functions clear.

What's new in this version?

- Better functions working with Wikimapia places: enhanced place information and splitting up the data into blocks - no need to download extra bytes!
- Get linear objects data using Street.Getbyid function!
- Get Wikimapia categories list or the description of selected category using categories functions!
- Extra function for getting a list of languages available on Wikimapia

Old Wikimapia API functions are deprecated but would continue working.


[IMPORTANT] Wikimapia version change

Wikimapia is switching to the new interface version

Hello Wikimapians!

As you know, there's a new version of Wikimapia(new.wikimapia.org) was being developed for quite a long time. You may have read of it's purposes, features and benefits here and here. Now we decided to make a switch and upgrade the main Wikimapia to this version in order to go on with the new features. But don't worry, the old one will remain available at http://old.wikimapia.org for long enough for us to solve the unavoidable problems and conflicts and help you to migrate seamlessly. The switch is going to happen today/tomorrow.

Q: There's a bug, something's not working at all!
A: Unfortunately, there are and will be bugs. Report the bug, we'll fix it ASAP.

Q: How do I reach the old version?
A: http://old.wikimapia.org, if you want to switch between the versions, there's a link in your top menu under 'Extras' that's get you to the same address at the old version.

Q: Where's 'Wikimapia Classic' layer?
A: It's there! Top menu > Login item(The one with your name) > Extras > Wikimapia Classic. It's there along with the link to the old Wikimapia, and some additional layers. Soon the Panoramio layer will appear in this menu as well. Stay tuned.

Q: UserScript's not working!
A: Unfortunately, the UserScript is not compatible with the new version, but you may use it with the old one(http://old.wikimapia.org). There may be a change in settings or re-installation needed, use it as a chance if your UserScript is out of date.
Meanwhile, it doesn't mean it's not going to work with the new Wikimapia ever, but the opposite: it's the new version that'll allow us to implement more advanced tools for you, some of them are certainly going to be inspired by the UserScript. We are also here to help the developers at any time to build the add-on scripts for Wikimapia. The documentation on site's API is going to be published to make it easier.

Q: I have some ideas how to improve Wikimapia
A: We'll be happy to hear them, post a feature request here.

Wikimapia Team


Streets deletion released

Todays new improvement is meant to clean out a lot of unnecessary data from the map and duplicates from cityguide. Now you can delete streets as well as other objects! Any other named linear object, river for example, works in the same way also.

What streets should be deleted?
Streets without segments and related objects will be automatically marked for deletion.

How can I cancel the deletion of the street?
In case you relate an object to the street or connect the street to any linear segment on the map, the deletion process will be canceled and the street will stay on map.

How the deletion process of the street is happening?
A street, marked for deletion, will be deleted for good in two weeks. Before disappearing the street will still be available on the map, which means the name of the street would appear in nearby streets list of linear segment edition window and in edition of address field of nearby places. So you can connect an object or segment with the street in two weeks before its total deletion, if needed.



Wikimapia's new face released!

Good things come in small packages they say, and it is absolutely true for the news today.
We think that it is an appropriate time for making changes to the external look of the site has come. And theese huge news is dedicated to the results of our Wikimapia design changing. A global New Wikimapia interface revision and transformation has been made!

Interface update applies to all tools and features: from inside Wikimapia windows to buttons and fonts appearance.

New place pages:


Better tools navigation and layout:


Beautiful profile page and messages:

There are a lot of other upgrades also. All in all theese severally minor changes affect strongly the whole impression of Wikimapia and make the project more convenient. We hope you’ll like the new improvements and we would be glad to here your opinion. Wikimapia Team believes that this interface upgrade is a huge step towards being modern & easy-to-use.


20 000 000 places tagged

Hurrah! Wikimapia Users have tagged more than 20 000 000 places already!
We are happy to see our project prosper, as it means that our work worth our efforts.
Thanks for being with us and contributing to Wikimapia all theese years!



Connect your Wikimapia account with Facebook!

By contributing to Wikimapia, you are already involved in a huge international project whose goal is to gather and share useful information about the world, around the world. Wikimapia recognizes its users like to communicate and socialize globally so what better way than to connect through an international social media giant like Facebook.


Connecting your WM account with a Facebook page makes the idea of describing the whole world spread much more easily. It is also a great platform to let your friends know about the contributions you have added as well as learning interesting trivia about almost every place in the world. The best thing is that the information is provided by people like you, so why not save time by describing the world with your friends in the best way possible.

It only takes a few seconds to connect your account with FB, and after that only one click will be needed to sign in. Registering with Facebook is easy, so there's no need to re-enter your information or remember extra usernames and passwords.

Signing in with Facebook allows you to share your discoveries with your friends. By simply using this feature you shall attract attention to your contributions and help Wikimapia to spread its data for public domain.

Launching this new feature is a beginning of our support to integrate Wikimapia with social networks. Stay tuned to see more new features coming soon!


Collaboration improvement

Wikimapia encourages people to act collaboratively. We believe that you, as individuals, are great in mapping and you can be even greater when tagging or editing in groups. That’s why there is a feature of creating collaborations on WM. We are happy that a lot of users find it useful though we’ve been thinking that the tool needs some improvement.

What’s new:

1. Сreate a collaboration without WM administration approval. We decided to free you from this necessity and save your time. Though we still hope that AUs will watch the collaboration tool from time to time and moderate spam or rubbish groups.
2. You do not need an approval from the collaboration creator to take part in it.
3. Invite users to your collaboration! To prevent spam invitations there is a limit on amount of invitations available. To start with you can invite 20 users. When your collaboration reaches more than 20 participants, wich automatically means that it is usefull and of inteterest, invite more 980 users.
4. Add a country category to your new collaboration, so that other users can sort it out easily.
5. There is no limit on the number of participants anymore.

Don’t you think that it looks nicer?


PS Note that the Docs Collaborations page has been improved as well.