Changes in user ranking

Now users who have been banned and users who did not visit Wikimapia for more than 3 months do not participate in the ranking.


New ban (limitation) system

We are opening a new ban system, the old one was inflexible and was lacking in functionality and was not aimed to educate users.

What’s new:

  • 3 types of limitation: full ban, limitation to edit map, limitation to send messages and write
    in the forum
  • Different ban length: 6 hours, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, permanent ban
  • Single Advanced User may apply a ban
  • Detailed information about every ban is stored in history and available for viewing
  • User receives information message with the details of his ban/unban.
  • Only advanced users can see who initiated the ban.

All information about the new banning system can be found at banning guidelines. We will monitor the use of new banning system closely. If necessary, we will update the banning system and guidelines.


The idea of "describing the whole world" has spread throughout the Internet and has found millions of admirers. We thank our users, registered or not, who have been so great at adding unique information about different places on Earth and sharing it with other people.

In order to celebrate reaching this important milestone, Wikimapia has become fully open by offering all of its data under the Non-Commercial Creative Commons license ( http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ ). All data is available through the Wikimapia API.

We are grateful to have all of you with us and we look forward to the benefits of bringing free knowledge to all mankind. Every new user and every new added place brings Wikimapia closer to its goal.

Let's describe the whole world!

From your Wikimapia team.