Wikimapia cityguides

Hello Wikimapians!

We are releasing cityguides project, that combines all data from each city, town etc. Cityguide provides information about city streets, categorized places and also presents comments and photos for all places and streets inside city.

Now every city or town page has a link to it's cityguide and every place in that city contains this link too.

We hope you will enjoy the new feature and that it will be useful for you, and will widen Wikimapia audience as well.

Some other examples: Delhi, Moscow, Shanghai, New York City.


History revisions approve

Hello, advanced users!

One more upgrade of history and watchlist features for you: now you are able to approve history revisions. This is aimed to help advanced users to save their time and don't have to check the same revision one by one many times.

After you have checked certain revision and found it is correct, you can click "Approve" button and from this moment on the selected revision would be marked as approved in history and in everybody’s watchlists. If some revisions in your watchlist are marked with green tick icon it means that some advanced users has already checked this revision and found it to be correct.

The first user who approves the revision will be given 10 experience points for this action. If the revision is already approved you are still able to approve it (more approvers meant that revision is good). List of approvers is shown in the revision info.


Places without descriptions

You know, Wikimapia team has a friend, his name is Max and he’s a very accurate person. He loves order and completeness in almost everything he does. His books stand on shelves in alphabetic order while plates on kitchen are always washed. Despite your thoughts, people like him exist. Each object which Max adds on Wikimapia is a wiki-art itself: the description is very full and scrupulous, links, categories, and photographs are added.

But Max is not very fond of drawing. He is a writer, and he do not like to draw outlines at all! Well, when a building has simple form and it is single one - no problem, really! But when he wants to add a complex object to the map - this outline drawing is a nightmare for him. Max would love to describe and add information about something beautiful and, well, multangular if he were not got so tired with drawing. So Max adds simple objects to Wikimapia and edit information of existing ones.

And not so long ago we’ve met Tony. He’s a designer. He tries to draw with everything, what can leave a mark on the surface! He’s mad about drawing! And when he have seen Wikimapia he began to draw and draw and draw beautiful outlines, because that’s fun for him!

But (yes, this «but» is everywere) to save an outline Tony has to add description to the object. But sometimes he doesn’t even know what he’s just outlined! That was a problem for him. No address, no description, just good accurate contour. And by the way, when people see Tommy's outlines, they add information to them with pleasure.

Wikimapia team knows a lot of people like Max and Tony. Somebody is fond of describing, somebody likes drawing. We thought a lot, how can we help these people...And so, we decided to allow people to outline as many objects as they want and save these objects WITHOUT a description. Just in case that somebody’s having fun, when just drawing. And it’s very possible that somebody as accurate and scruplulous as Max will add addresses and perfect descriptions to these objects... Isn’t it nice?

Your Wikimapia Team.

P.S. Ah! And by the way, now we are on Twitter, it’s fun and fast way to share our news and secrets with you, so do not forget to follow us ;)


Distribution of languages

Distribution of languages on 17th of April 2009 (total translations of places with the exception of roads names, but including deleted places count).

English: 8051671
Arabic: 1340428
Russian: 544084
Indonesian: 344230
Portuguese: 332302
Vietnamese: 277426
Spanish: 194360
French: 156378
Polish: 137591
Filipino (Tagalog): 133422
German: 127102
Hindi: 123206
Malay: 85411
Persian (Farsi): 65761
Turkish: 58846
Romanian: 53036
Chinese Trad.: 45627
Italian: 43597
Tamil: 43425
Marathi: 42712
Malayalam: 40834
Ukrainian: 38914
Dutch: 34044
Greek: 31812
Gujarati: 31263
Telugu: 28291
Bengali: 27977
Thai: 24147
Japanese: 23457
Hungarian: 23207
Kannada: 20274
Estonian: 18195
Bulgarian: 17572
Armenian: 17233
Korean: 14312
Finnish: 14307
Lithuanian: 13493
Urdu: 12801
Serbian: 12679
Oriya: 12413
Latvian: 10887
Hebrew: 10350
Nepali: 9247
Belarusian: 8989
Galician: 8785
Albanian: 8724
Afrikaans: 8169
Croatian: 8052
Punjabi: 7868
Czech: 7760
Danish: 6617
Azerbaijani: 5961
Chinese Simpl.: 5639
Swedish: 5297
Norwegian: 4926
Georgian: 4637
Basque: 4630
Slovak: 4588
Bosnian: 4003
Catalan: 3893
Irish: 3470
Slovenian: 2353
Macedonian: 1744
Icelandic: 1733
Burmese: 1520
Sundanese: 1416
Amharic: 1158
Swahili: 839
Kurdish: 766
Javanese: 713
Scottish Gaelic: 660
Ilocano: 364
Bicolano: 305
Sinhalese: 275
Somali: 229
Cebuano: 198
Pashto: 197
Maranao: 133
Zulu: 130
Corsican: 123
Mongolian: 117
Uzbek: 103
Hiligaynon: 97
Waray-Waray: 94
Chichewa: 87
Lao: 68
Kazakh: 65
Pangasinense: 61
Haitian: 57
Kapampangan: 56
Sindhi: 55
Kashmiri: 54
Oromo: 50
Guarani: 44
Kyrgyz: 43
Khmer: 42
Kongo: 40
Twi: 37
Sesotho: 33
Malagasy: 22
Quechua: 21


Wikimapia Beta update

Hello All!

We have made a major update of Wikimapia BETA. The main thing - BETA is faster now and you will notice this, many internal functions have been rewritten just for this. Also you may notice back and forward buttons in design of the information window, they really helps in navigation.

There are not too many things left to completely release Wikimapia BETA, old version will also be accessible.

Few days ago we put some lines of roads interface to translation system, if you don't see them in your language, you may help to translate it at http://wikimapia.org/translate/.

Also linear databases were changed, this allow us to store, use, export and to do other manipulations without problems with all road/railroad/river/ferry networks in the world. And we made them more precise: positioning from 1-2 meters to within 0.1-0.2 m. (like the places). At this time we have 17 000 000 segments of linear features (in October 2008 we had only 500 000).


Wikimapia BETA for Advanced Users

We are presenting Wikimapia BETA (this time only for UL2 users, you must be logged in). With this update we almost close to our goal - fully editable interactive map. Main things in this BETA:

1. Two main interactive layers - Wikimapia map and Wikimapia satellite (outlines on satellite map).
2. Adding information to the map:
-places (with real bounaries)
-roads, railroads, ferry ways
-terrain patches (water, land, ets) to correct map
3. Places now can be added without information: some users may not know the information about places but easily could prepare map for others who know the information.
4. Improved category (changes in category filter and category input in place informaion)
5. Starting from now we will use Wikimapia Wiki Documentation at (wikimapia.org/wiki/) which we age going go fill soon (with your help).

Not everything is finished, we are still working on usability, design and icons. Localization and languages menu will be updated also. Old places without outlines also will be presented, we are working on it.

Example Links:
Map view - http://wikimapia.org/beta/#lat=47.0214613&lon=28.8525009&z=13&l=0&m=w&v=1

Satellite view - http://wikimapia.org/beta/#lat=52.3522693&lon=4.9032068&z=17&l=0&m=b&v=1

Map view - http://wikimapia.org/beta/#lat=56.9538798&lon=24.119947&z=16&l=0&m=w&v=1

p.s. Bug reports and comments are welcome


Road drawing test for advanced users

Some of the users will see a beta of roads, just want to have some opinions.
To not new users: If you would like to test this, just write here (I'll delete request later).

At this moment roads are visible/editable starting from ZOOM 13 and more.

Multiple segments selection and other properties will be soon.

Just turn on roads in View panel.