New categories system: moderators needed!

We have completed work on the new category system (with hierarchy, synonyms and multi-language support), which will be filled and maintained by the community. It's running in restricted mode now (for example, users can't create new categories).

In order to run with full functionality, it needs the complete hierarchy structure of the current categories to be built and this means more hands are needed. You may apply for “Categories Moderator" status here if you think it's your calling and you can help us with:

- organizing the category hierarchy
- moderating new categories created by other users, when the system is fully released

All detailed information about the new system, users' and moderators' guidelines will be posted later.


Wikimapia important code update

We are in a process of updating Wikimapia code to make sure it will be working well with Google Maps. It’s necessary update as Google marked as deprecated their version 2 of Google Maps API and encourage all developers to change the code to work with version 3.

As the essential changes affect all Wikimapia features you are possibly using, expect some minor bugs to appear shortly, don't be confused, post them here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9548 so we can fix them quickly.


Linear features upgrade, first step

Hello Wikimapians!

Today we are upgrading our systems to make all linear features better. It is the first step which only affects roads and railroads. A large part of the upgrade will not be noticeable right now, but it shall give us an opportunity to introduce new types of roads and railroads in future steps. For now, here are a few changes in the interface of linear objects:

- dirt roads have its own special color and are now visible on higher zooms, as low-traffic roads
- courtyard roads are now thinner and visible only on close zooms
- all roads and railroads are now thinner in the map view
- railroad tunnels have been introduced

Unfortunately, linear objects editing will be unavailable during the update process and roads and railroads may be shown with incorrect width or color for several hours. Please note that once linear objects editing has been re-implemented, linear object history may still take time to update so revisions may be shown incorrectly during this period.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Unapproved revisions in Status Grid

Hello Wikimapians!

Today we have completed an upgrade of the Status Grid which connects it with the watchlist feature - now the number of unapproved history revisions are shown in the Grid. This feature will help you find unapproved edits and save your time by not having to check approved ones.

You may look at the example of the Status Grid here

All places will now be assigned a new special category “place with unapproved revisions” after each edition. You may filter such places using Status Grid link “unapproved revisions” (or from the category menu). Use the watchlist sidebar which contains all unapproved revisions in selected Grid Cell for faster and easier checking.

The new feature has no effect on the Status Grid cell color or factor, it only helps you to find and count objects that were edited recently. All old history revisions have been automatically approved to save the category layer from lots of unapproved old (and good) objects. As usual, if you are the first to approve the revision, you will get 10 experience points for this action.


New photo galleries

Hello, Wikimapians!
We are continually working on our photos system and today we present the improved photo galleries on both overlaid and full screen object pages, and cityguide. In addition, a new feature has been released - comments to photos which could be used to describe or discuss each photo. They are organized in the same way as comments for places.


Wikimapia Documentation and FAQ.

We will be opening a new Wiki section for creating Wikimapia Documentation and FAQ. In the beginning it will only be in English, but later it will be possible to translate into other languages.

Our aim is to make this new Wiki section brief and simple. Access will be limited to editors - Documentors only. You may request for “Documentor status” here if you think you can help us with:

-organizing this new Wiki section
-communicating with other users in order to improve the documentation
-consolidating useful information from the old Wiki guides into new Wiki

For a start we will select a number of documentors from the ones who volunteer. More documentors will be added later.


Changes in collaboration tool

The collaboration tool has been updated. Now any user with level 2 or higher can create a collaboration. Any collaboration created by a user requires confirmation by the Wikimapia Team. There will be a corresponding topic created in the forum in the special section called "Collaborations". Each topic will be used to discuss matters relating to that specific collaboration.