Bug/features list update

We have updated our bugtracker tool, now reports are automatically being filtered by development status, i.e. released features, fixed bugs and duplicate reports are initially hidden, you can still view them optionally. Shown reports are now sorted by their votes count, to track most critical bugs and most wanted features.

With bugs usually being fixed as soon as possible anyway, it should mainly affect feature requests, the most voted will be included in our development plan.

Currently the most voted feature request is "Watchlist - hide your own edits", and we decided to make a start with it. Now you can hide your own edits in watchlists by switching off this option in your profile.



Recounting linear objects statistics

After release of new profile and awards system we received reports about wrongly counted statistics of linear objects creation.
The problem is that linear statistics had been counted together before we separated it yesterday. At last we decided to re-count it over again from linear objects database. It means that we took all linear segments, which are actual at this moment, counted their quantity and length, and wrote into users statistics. If you had created a segment somewhere in the past, it always was shown in your stats, even if somebody deleted the segment. But it is not saved in linear database after it was removed, so we couldn't count it now!
So, now you may note that your linear stats became lower. It's not a mistake in fact. You may be sure: all your segments, which are on the map at this time - are counted and saved into your statistics. If your counters became lower, the only reason of this fact is that somebody has removed some of your segments.

There could be some difference in awards on user's profile page and user's awards page - it'll be fixed after your first revision (any one), or by our script in next 2-3 hours.


User accounts upgrade and awards

We've just updated user accounts and profiles, adding a lot of new features.


First of all, we are introducing new user levels system, based on the experience scores calculated from user actions. It now counts 8 levels and is visible on your profile pages. The higher your user level is, the less your activities on the map are limited in time and quantity.

Next are the awards.


There are sets of awards now for your work of adding and editing objects, drawing linear features and uploading photos. Each award comes in three grades, according to the score the user had achieved in a specific action. The full list of awards with details you can find on one of our here. These awards are given automatically by the system. The special roles given by administration, such as Advanced User, are now also visible on the owner's profile. From now on the history of receiving and withdrawing of this roles will be available on the its details pages.

To present these new features we gave user profile pages a new look, where all user details are now logically and more conveniently sectioned in tabs. You can also mention in the user statistics tab, that the lengths of linear features added by user are now divided into the existing features types.


Wikimapia 5th anniversary picnic

We would like to thank all participants of Wikimapia 5th anniversary picnic which took place 4th of June near Troitsk, Russia. We've spent a lovely day outdoors, making barbecue and talking. The users had their chance to ask us about several features, our future plans and development, and we were happy to meet our contributors in real life and know some of their concerns and ideas. You can find the photos from the picnic here. Keep in touch for the next Wikimapia meetup!



New Year 2011

Dear Friends!
We are entering the New Year, 2011. May it bring many opportunities to explore our amazing world! Last year we reached one million registered users and have more than 14 million places added. In the coming year we will continue to add more features to Wikimapia which will help people to describe our world.
Thank you for being a part of what Wikimapia is today. Happy New Year!


WM reaches 1 Mil Registered Users and becomes Open-Content!

The idea of "describing the whole world" has spread throughout the Internet and has found millions of admirers. We thank our users, registered or not, who have been so great at adding unique information about different places on Earth and sharing it with other people.

In order to celebrate reaching this important milestone, Wikimapia has become fully open by offering all of its data under the Non-Commercial Creative Commons license. All data is available through the Wikimapia API.


We are grateful to have all of you with us and we look forward to the benefits of bringing free knowledge to all mankind. Every new user and every new added place brings Wikimapia closer to its goal.

Let's describe the whole world!

From your Wikimapia team.


Roads in watchlist - a long-desired feature released


Watchlist tool helps you to keep an eye on the changes made to the map in regions of your interest. We’ve upgraded this tool to include the edits of the roads. Now the whole range of edit types is viewable on your watchlists, informing you about recent additions, accidental mistakes, wrong or incomplete descriptions, or simply drawing your attention to not yet described areas. Now the watchlist has become a more powerful tool for people who want to make information on the map better.